Introduction: Easy Smart Device Tripod!

This is how to modify a tripod (probably without buying anything) to hold your smartphone or tablet. You dont have to modify a case or 3d print anything for this either. Also I am not responsible if you damage your device doing this. DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT A STRONG CASE THAT COVERS THE SCREEN OF YOUR DEVICE. ALSO MAKE SURE THE BINDER CLIP IS NOT TOO STRONG.

Step 1: Supplies

All I used:

binder clip
old tripod
hot glue gun

You should use a case on your device to prevent the clip from scratching it. Also try different binder clips to find one that fits your phone or tablet well and hold it by the binder clip to test if the clip will hold it well.

Step 2: All You Need to Do

Just glue one of the arm things on the clip to the side of the clip so it does not fall down. Then Before it dries, attach it to a side of the tripod with a more glue.

Step 3: Now Your Done

Just clip your phone into the tripod. You can still use a normal camera too!

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