Introduction: Easy T-shirt Printing Without Silk Screen

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Sometimes you just want to say something without actually saying it. As a naturalised kiwi, I occasionally need to put cheeky Aussies in their place. This is my solution !!! ;-)
I had a bunch of free T-shirts and the paint was NZ$13 and I have enough for about 50 shirts.


A blank T-shirt

A Plasticising pocket (or Laminator sheet) same thing!

Sharp Knife


Picture of your design

Fabric Paint

Some paper towels/sheet of paper to iron thru


Step 1: Find the Picture You Like - the More Insulting the Better.

So I googled a picture of Australias most famous inhabitant (no not Paul Hogan) a kangaroo (might be a wallaby I suppose - who knows or even cares!!)

Step 2: Cut Out the Pattern on the Template

I used a sharp craft knife for this

Step 3: Iron on to the Shirt

I ripped the top sheet from the plasticised pocket (or laminator pouch) and ironed it on the shirt (glue side down obviously)

(this is from a different shirt I made earlier (as they would say in Blue Peter))

Step 4: Paint

I put a couple of sheets of paper inside the shirt to prevent "bleed through" and painted with fabric paint. I did two coats for even coverage. I let it dry for about five minutes.

Step 5: Fix the Paint

I ironed the paint to "fix" it in accordance with the instructions. I used paper towels to stop the fabric paint transferring to the iron.

Step 6: Peel Off the Template

If you are careful you can remove and reuse the template. I wasn't careful!! You could stick the templates on silk screen material and reuse time and time again if you wanted. I forgot to take a picture at this point.

Step 7: And There It Is. Evil Kiwi Insults Aussies!

Job Done - Insults inbound!!

Have added another picture as have gone the whole hog and tried colours!!

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