Easy to Build SWAT Team Helmet

Introduction: Easy to Build SWAT Team Helmet

hello this is my easy to build SWAT team helmet the materials you need

1 skate board helmet

black duck tape

a 2 liter coke bottle

something that resembles a head light

some 1 stud cylinder legos

a hotglue gun and hot glue sticks

Step 1: Duck Tape

cover the entire skate board helmet in black duck tape. build the cylinder legos to look like a laser. (there should already be holes in the actual helmet) then poke the duck to uncover the holes

Step 2: The Visor and Fake Flash Light

take the coke bottle and remove label cut flat part out that is your visor hot glue and tape on attache whatever you found that resembles a head flash light. i used a leap frog letter. thing please comment. light machine gun coming out next

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    actually in is just the finished product with different angle shots