Easy to Make LEGO Four Link Suspension!

Introduction: Easy to Make LEGO Four Link Suspension!

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Okay many of us LEGO technic RC amatuers ( yes I spelled amatuers wrong ) have wracked your brain to make a easy (and affordable ) suspension system with the pieces they obtain. Well I made this after reading about it in one of my most favorite books, "the visual history to cars". (I know that's really geeky but still, come on!) Anyway I thought I'd share this with you. to start of here are the pieces you will need. (Picture)

Step 1:

First, put the friction pegs into the slots shown in the picture. Do this with both beams.

Step 2:

And finally put the friction peg holders onto the pegs as shown. (top and bottom) Lego digital designer is tricky so I couldn't put them on properly but you get the drift! Please comment! And check out my other instructables! toodle-loo!

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