Introduction: Easy Two Man Air Cannon (shoots 20-150yrds)

this cannon can fire up to 150yrds depending on the shape and size of the pellet you use.
this cannon is easy to make and use as the parts are extremely simple and every house will have these parts.
WARNING: this cannon shoots at <650fps and can blind people/pets. do not fire indoors. also beware of recoil.
DISCLAIMER: i am NOT responsible for any damage you cause to anything/one while using this gun.
i will add more photos and videos soon!!!
Warning: in the UK its illegal to take this outside of your garden or outside of private land that you are allowed to use.
I don't know about other country's pm if you know.

Step 1: What You Need

to make this cannon you will need three parts;

- a pump

- a pipe

- clay/plasticine

Step 2: Preparing the Pellet

to prepare the pellet but the end of the pipe in the pump and then put the clay in the opposite end.
remove excess clay and the give the pump a little push to squeeze the pellet out.
these can then be frozen or used straight away.
repeat this until you have the number of pellets needed.
if you want a more powerful pellet try changing the shape and size but make sure you keep at least 5mm of clay the shape of the barrel.
you can also put things in the clay e.g. an arrow with the flights broken or some bb pellets.

Step 3: Load the Gun

to load the gun first take one of your pellets and put it in one end of the pipe.
then pull the pump fully up and then put the end of the pipe with the pellet in the pump.

Step 4: FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!

to fire this cannon you have to have one person hold the pipe and hold the joint between the pipe and pump otherwise the pipe may shoot off!!!
then have the other person push down on the pipe.

Step 5: Well Done!!!!!!!

well done you have created your own air cannon!!!!

Step 6: Rigs and Videos

grappling rig

grappling rig video

cannon shooting video