Ed's A-Y Entry 2 - Koan

Introduction: Ed's A-Y Entry 2 - Koan

koan is a trick that i have worked on for a while. i guess most would call it a combo, which is fine with me too. parts of it are kinda cool. heres how to do it. youll need to be familliar with a basic yo-yo vernacular to get the description. if you dont, this is not a good trick for you to be learning anyway. if youre just starting out, check out my other entry, Picture Tricks.

1. throw a wrist mount akin to spirit bomb.
2. do the standard spirit bomb dismount.
3. swing the yo-yo around toward your freehand and over your throwhand.
4. mount the yo-yo on the quasi-bucket that the spirit bomb dismount yields.
5. undercut the yo-yo with your freehand. this will result in a green triangle.
6. roll your throwhand as if you want to do a magic drop, but pinching between your index and middle fingers.
7. pop out of the gt, immediately catching the yo-yo with a left to right motion of your throwhand. as you catch it, youll have to create slack in what you pinched. it will resolve to a one-handed trapeze.
8. stick your freehand index back in, and roll the yo-yo to a 1.5, then immediately pop to a 2.0 (like kwyjibo).
9. let the yo-yo rotate back around your freehand into a 2.0 chopsticks undermount.
10. in a manner similar to branding, let go of the string on your throwhand index, swinging the slack around your freehand.
11. catch the loop back on your throwhand index (resulting in a modified man-bro mount).
12. pinch the upper segment with your throwhand thumb and index. flip the slack over the yo-yo to your freehand index.
13. roll the yo-yo back onto the string segment over your right hand, which should result in a bind. catch it.

this isnt an incredible trick, but i had an incredible time putting it together. really, if one person takes one element they like from it, ill have exceeded my expectations. i used a prototype throw down shuriken micro.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    That's awesome!

    I like how you put the camera in the freezer (or refrigerator), it looks cool! =)
    Nice job.

    fungus amungus

    whoops... video not available. reply when it's working and i'll publish it


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    hallo! it's working. just hit play.