Eee Pc 901 Ram Heat Sinks Mod

Introduction: Eee Pc 901 Ram Heat Sinks Mod

 so your thinking about cooling your eee down, well this might be just the thing for you.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

 ram heat sinks
a small philips screwdriver
a dremal or sharp knife

Step 2: Start

 start by unscrewing the ram access hatch
there are just two philips screws then you will need some sort of plastic pry bar to lever the hatch off.

Step 3: Fitting the Ram

 remove the adhesive cover stripe and apply it to the 1 of the 4 black microprocessors(please tell me if im wrong)

Step 4: Cutting the Hatch

 carefully replace the hatch and see were the heat sinks make contact with the hatch and draw on with a pencil.

Step 5: Cutting Out

 cut out the lines you made and make sure the heat sinks are now comming through the hatch.

Step 6: Future

 i am planning on cutting almost all of the hatch away and bolting on a perspecs windows and maybe adding some LED`s to light up the inside of my eee.

thank you for looking =]

Step 7: Disclaimer

just a small note:
i am by no means telling you to do this.
this may damage your pc.
invalidate your warranty.
may curs injury to yourself and others.
i am not responsible for any of the above happening.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    RAM doesn't even get that hot, not enough to put a huge hole in the bottom of your netbook for foreign objects to collect anyway.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Dangerous (for the machine).
    Since these are just stuck-on, a person would do better to take time cutting 4 neat slots for the heatsinks, putting the cover back and then fixing the sinks. If they're tight in the case there's less chance of them moving.
    Does your RAM get very hot?


    Joe Martin
    Joe Martin

    11 years ago on Introduction

    I can't imagine having a large open slot like that in your Eee will do it much good, foreign objects etc. The amount of "stuff" (fluff, dirt, hair, a stick??!) I found in my Eee with no mods I can't imagine of stuff that what would end up in there with a gaping hole.

    A good idea though, have you done anymore mods to it?