Introduction: Engraved Stone Pendant

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a nice stone unisex peice of jewlrey to give for valentines day, to just say i love you, or to keep for yourself

this is my first instructable and sorry about the terrible picture quality but my camera sucks!

Step 1: Stuffs Needed

things you will need:
a flat stone preferably a softish stone
a metal like (a small ring like thing)
somting you can use to make a hole in the stone (my penkinfe had one of these hole drilling things but an old thin knife will work but it'll blunten it)
somthing that can scratch the stone to engrave it (i used the drilling tool for this but i guess a knife or screwdriver will work)
a pencil to make a guide for the engravement

Step 2: Lets Get Started

find a stone to be engraved and start by making a hole quite close to the top (not too close it it will break easily)

Step 3: Lets Get Engraving

o.k first of all this engravement shouldnt be too complex but it is possible to have quite hard designs on it.
now draw whant you wnat the engravement to be on the stone.
next use the tool of your choise to cut into the stone this should be done slowly and not jittery. use slong slow precice cuts because if you screw this peice up you screw the entire thing up. i engraved the enitials of me and my sweetheart into it and on the other side a heart.

Step 4: Finishing Off

now pop the link into the hole you made earlier this should be fairly straightforward.
if its going to be ona chain or on a chord then put it on the chord and close up the link either by pushing it agains somthing solid or a pair of pliars. try to make shure the like retains its shape because if it doesnt it doesnt look as good.
if you want to at the end use a pen to go into the crevisies of the engravements to make them stand out and thats you done,

try giving it as a personalised gift and say that this is a one of a kind gift.