Introduction: Enhanced Double Bolt Long-pin Rifle

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My most recent rifle, a compromise between a bolt action repeater and a slingshot rifle. With a 15 inch pin pull and 14 round magazine, what on earth could overcome this mighty sniper?

Here is where the compromise comes into play, however... it takes about 3 to 5 seconds between trigger pulls, as you have to first pull back the pin then cycle the second bolt (this works for the feed mech)


Range: Easily fires the white rods that the mag holds over 50 feet, manually inserted fin ammo can get 200+ with no wind

Looks: Bad*** to anyone who doesn't mind a gun with lots of moving parts and flexi rods

Reliability: Jams maybe once every 30 rounds if you use it right, easily cleared by cycling the chambering bolt once or twice

RoF: Terrible, but excusable

Comfort: Absolutely fantastic, never felt one that fits my hand or shoulder better...

Scare Factor: When you do a system check before a battle, cycle the bolts a few times and people will be crapping their pants before you even fire. Think if someone brought a gas blowback Gatling gun to an Airsoft war and you'll get the idea.

Accuracy: Using white rods to hit Lego figures at 25ft, can launch fin ammo mortar style to +/- 2ft accuracy at 180ft

Sturdiness: Here's my gun, below it ak47, and below that the m16 on whatever scale you choose




And... if anyone wants instructions just tell me as I need to know if I should allocate my time to that or building a new gun. Cheers,


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