Introduction: Extended Vulcan Clip

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Thankyou for looking at my instructable about vulcan extended clip
ask an adult before completing this and good luck

this is the finished clip and my vulcan

Step 1: Step1

First you will know that you recieve 2 clips

at the end there is a grey plastic thing of each clip

Step 2: Step 2

Now with one clip remove the screws at take the grey thing apart and do the same with the other clip
it should look like this

Step 3: Step 3

 with the left clip look where the 4 holesw are get a knife or something sharp and ut between the 2 middle holes

Step 4: Step 4

now put the left clip with the hole through the grey thing inside and put the right clip through the 4 holes again

Step 5: Step 5

now put the top back on and screw together tightly

Step 6: Finish

now it should look like this

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