Introduction: Extreme Builder's Knex Sidearm

hey everyone its me again and this is my new and updated knex sidearm. Its a brand new design and works great. I like the handle more then any other knex gun handle iv felt. Anyways its a great gun with good power 30 feet average and up to around 50 feet. It has a 5 shot mag and has never jammed. Dont be afraid to put ALOT of rubber bands on the pusher. I'll stop talking and you guys start building.

new design
good power
easy to use
mag never jams
slot in the handle for mag pusher
strong frame so load up those rubber bands

complicating for a hand gun
uses a good amount of pieces
uses some of the rarer pieces
trigger isnt far back so reduces power

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hey everyone,
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Step 1: Handle

here it is

Step 2: Body

easy enough

Step 3: Mag Part

almost done

Step 4: Trigger

very easy

Step 5: Ram

soo close

Step 6: Adding Little Stuff

two more steps

Step 7: Add Rubber Bands

last one