Introduction: Extreme Ultimate Frisbee

It depends on if you like the game ultimate frisbee &/or football because it is a mix between the two

Step 1: Teaming Up

if there is a small area have 5-8 players on a team but if there is a big open area you can use up to 25 players on a team or more.

Step 2: Choosing the Area

when you are playing you probably don't want anywhere that has a lot of rocks or trees. Choose a field like a baseball or football field or even a backyard if its big enough.

in the pictures the first two are good areas but the third isn't.

Step 3: The Game

the game is similar to ultimate frisbee but with a twist instead of playing two hand touch you tackle the person that has the frisbee to get it.

if you never herd of ultimate frisbee or dont know how to play go to:

The game will cause some injuries & to giv a general idea wat it will be like look at the picture , take away the protective gear & imagine theres a frisbee instead of a foot ball

sorry for no pictures of the actual game being played but i dont own a camera

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