Introduction: High Range Knex Pistol

This is my first Instructable. I think It has a different kind of trigger than any other gun on this site. mine goes 80 feet with very good rubber bands. PLEASE leave messages. I'm not responsible if you get deep marks in the wall or if your little brother goes blind.

Step 1:

this is the handle

Step 2:

this is the barrel

Step 3:

this is the firing pin

Step 4:

slid the washers on the barrel

Step 5:

this is the trigger mechanism

Step 6:

this is the trigger pin

Step 7:

connect the three parts together

Step 8:

connect the trigger pin to the trigger

Step 9:

add rubber bands to give it it's insane power.

Step 10:

Enjoy the awesome power of this knex pistol, don't pay attention to the (don't shoot your little brother) go ahead and shoot him.