Introduction: F--UGG--ly Boots Revamped

I got a pair of faux Uggs for Christmas and never liked the way they fit or looked. I decided to hack them up and make a cozy pair of moccasin slippers. They are comfy and cozy and great for wearing around the house.

Materials needed:
Cheap faux Ugg boots
needle and thread

This should take about an hour give or take

Step 1: Cut

Cut down the middle of boot. I used a pinking shear to do this with.

Step 2: More Cutting

Cut all the way around the ankle area. You should have something that now resembles a slipper

Step 3: Stich

Take your needle and thread and do a basic stich around the slipper. This doesn't need to be anything pretty. It is just to hold the leather to the liner.

Step 4: More Cutting

Use the remainder of the faux leather to make your fringe. This will not only add a cool look but it will cover up that raw edge on the slipper.

1-Lay the opening of slipper on leather
2-trace around opening
3- trace another circle about 1 1/2 inches larger around the first cirlce
4-Cut a small  X in the middle of the small circle

Step 5: Cut Out

Cut out around large Circle

Step 6:

take sissors and make small cuts from edge of large circle to the small cirlce.. This creats the fringe. Do this all the way around

Step 7:

extend (snip)  the X  in the smaller circle accoding to the slipper. Then fold over and begin to sew the fringe to the slipper. Do this all the way around the opening

Step 8: Enjoy

Now enjoy your new slippers.

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