Introduction: Fabulously Upcycled Felt Mouse Slippers

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you will need
shrunken wool clothing
cotton print fabric for the lining (could be favourite old dress or shirt)
iron on interfacing (30cm should be enough for small slippers)
large wooden buttons
4 black buttons for eyes
pink embroidery thread
silver embroidery thread for whiskers
2 pieces of elastic, covered hairbands are ideal

Instructions for fabulously up cycled cotton lined, felt mouse slippers.

Copy the pattern pieces, enlarging as necessary, I find it easier to work with squared paper, add a 1cm seam allowance around each piece. It’s easy to check the slippers fit if you have drawn and cut a template out of card of your child’s foot.
choose your fabrics, I’ve used a mohair mix dress that was a shrunken washing machine disaster, as well as some cotton left over from a quilting project but the lining could be made from old cotton dresses, shirts and such, it’s great to see those favourite old items that you couldn't throw away turned into something new and super cute!
You need some medium weight iron on interfacing, how much you will need depends on the size of the slipper.
Set iron to cotton put interfacing on the iron board waxy side up, place your cotton lining fabric on the top of the interfacing, then iron, there is no rule how long this will take, just keep lightly pressing until it’s fused to the fabric. Using interfacing gives you a much more professional finish as well as letting you use finer fabrics that could be wash worn.
Lay out your pattern pieces, you need to pin your pattern to the fabric.
cut 2x slipper top
2x slipper sole
4x ears
from the felt and the lining
tails from just the felt or use cord
pin together the ear pieces with the cotton print on the inside, and sew around leaving the bottom open for turning. Repeat for 4 ears.
Pin together the felt slipper top and lining, again print on the inside, sew the two pieces together around the top edge of the slipper, I’ve hand sewn my slippers, in back stitch. When you get to the ankle insert an elastic loop (used to close the slipper) and sew into place, keep sewing all the way round the top edge.
Do the same for the other slipper.
Turn right side out and admire!
Starting to take shape?
Push out the seams and clip if you need to around any curves that don’t sit flat.
Turn ears right side, turn under rough edge, gather with running stitch to help mouse have character, position ear on slipper top and sew in place, do this for both slippers.
Sew on the button eyes.
position the back seems together and sew all along the lining together and felt together, wrong side out, checking the seams meet up neatly as this will affect your finish.
Right side out, pin on the lining for sole to the lining of the slipper top, again print side on the inside, sew all around, I put double seems around the heels for strength, same for other slipper.
put the felt sole on the top of your slipper, pin it to the edge of the slipper top around the sole leaving a 3cm space at the heel for turning sew all around, again I’ve hand sewn mine in back stitch.
Turn right side out, close the heel with small neat stitches, inserting tail first.
alls that left is to embroider a small pink nose, in satin stitch, then sew on whiskers, for these thread needle with an embroidery silk of your chosen colour, pull thread through and tie in a knot leaving thread sticking out from the knot, these will be your whiskers, make a stitch through near the end of your mouse’s nose, tie another knot and trim leaving your whiskers!
sew on a large wooden button at the ankle, these super cute slippers stay on your child’s foot, let them practice fiddly things like buttons themselves, the felt is warm, and the cotton lining is cool and not itchy on the skin, our boy loves his slippers and is always happy to put them on, his feet are as warm as toast!

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