Introduction: Featherlamp

Lampshade made of empty dish soap bottles. You will need:
6 bottles,
one lid of a yoghurt or icecream pot,
16 tie-wraps, scissors,
small hacksaw or sharp knife,
sticky tape
cap of a big soap bottle
turret punch or awl
and of course a lamp, socket, and electric wire.

Step 1: Open the Bottle

Draw three diagonal lines on the bottle.cut off the bottom and top. I like to use a small hacksaw

Step 2: Feathershape

Cut the bottle with a pair of scissors in three more or less equal parts. Draw a pointy shape on both ends of each part. Paste a small strip of tape down the center to guide further cutting.

Step 3:

Cut narrow fringes on each side of the feathers. Take notice of the diagonal direction. 

Step 4: The Center

Cut a circle from the lid or bottom of a yoghurt or ice pot. Make an opening in the center fitting round the socket. Divide the remaining iring in 8 equal parts with a pencil. Make small holes on the lines and in the middle of the parts. See all red dots in the drawing.
Make two corresponding holes in each feather 

Step 5: Almost Done

Attach 16 feathers with tie-wraps to the yoghurtpot ring. The best way to do this is to alternate. First the 8 "even"spaces, then the 8 remaining uneven spaces. Place the socket through the ring and screw on. ( most sockets come with a ring to attach).

Step 6:

More idea's with plastic bottles are available on a free downloadable ebook on my website: Regrettable the website and book are in dutch, but with enough pictures and drawings to inspire. Take a look and if you do, please click the facebook "like"button.

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