Introduction: Firework Artillery Shell Bazooka

I have always looked all over the internet for plans to build one of these... but I have never seen any. so I built one! a breech-loading one!!!!

here is a vid and here is another one poor quality though...

sorry you cannot see the bazooka in the video,it was the first test and i did not hold it so that it could blow my head off!!! lol (now I hold it)

Step 1: Step 1

you need:
1.artillery shells
2.4&1/2 ft. of pvc pipe
4.skill saw

Step 2: Converting Launch Tube

first cut a hole in the launch tube for the breech.Then shave off some of the cardboard from the top so you still have to jam it into the pipe but it will not damage it.(about 1 1/2 in) (see picture) Then shave off some for the breech cover about 5 in. or more.

Step 3: Finishing

saw off the 1/2 ft. of the pvc pipe and use it as a breech cover leave the fuse out and light it.Then close the breech asap!!!! not a good idea to hold it! use as a cannon i am not responsable for u killing yourself!!! the end.

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