Introduction: Five Minute Essential Oil Burner

An essential oil burner (air freshener) made from a tin can.

One small tin can (I used a Vienna Sausage can)
Tea Candle
Essential oil of your choice

Good scissors, tin snips, or other cutting device
Can opener that opens cans from the side

Step 1: Get a Can

Look through the pantry and get the smallest can of whatever. Eat whatever is in the can. Waste not, and all that. Okay, take the label off.

Step 2: Open the Can

Using a can opener that cuts from the side (this is important), open the can.

Step 3: Cut

Cut a triangle opening on one side of the can. This allows for oxygen to reach the flame. Your can will have a sticky stripe of glue from the label (or a vertical line of label that did not peel off). Cut your triangle so that you cut this part off.

You could get all fancy here and cut stars and happy faces and pirates (whatever you fancy) into the can. I didn't. I just wanted my bathroom to smell better.

Step 4: Light It

Put your tea candle into the can. Light it. Put the top of the can back on. Drop a couple drops of essential oil onto the top of the can (the oil will accumulate in the lowest part of the lid. This is fine, regardless of where the lowest point is.)

That's it.

Caution: Hot things are hot, be careful.