Introduction: Flatpack BBQ

About: 25 years, industrial product designer from Belgium

little backpack BBQ

Step 1: Material


steel plate with pattern


Step 2: Cut Plate

2 plates on size you choose. rectangle


small protrusion for later to make the connection

Step 3: Ground Mounted

drill hols in protrusion this is for a picket

fold them in the opposite direction

Step 4: Hings

drill hols and put hings on place

Step 5: Supporting Grate

cut little part of te top en bend to middle

take size of steel wire to bent back

this is for the suport of the grid

Step 6: Grill

make first the left part.

bars on the down part and in middle up,

do the other side bit to the left so you can fold the grill together see drawing

Step 7: Finish

put grill in base

make a little bag or put it ride away in your backpack.