Flint Knaping Tools




Introduction: Flint Knaping Tools

In this instructables i will show you how to make a pressure flaker

Step 1: Step 1

What you will need. A drill a dowel a nail and super glue. You will also need some form of a tool to cut steel.

ok so you will want to cut you dowel to just a little smaller then you nail for your handle.

then you will drill a hole as close to the middle as you can. ok the handle is done.

now onto making the nail ready for the handle.

Step 2: The Nail

ok so take your cutting tool of chose and take off the head of the nail.

now for the tip take a file and round it out.

(NOTE: a bench vise is optional.)

Step 3: Assembaly

ok put the end of the nail into the dowel and pound on the end of it to get a nice fit.

take the super glue and put some on the nail and wood.

now! its done! so go make your self a arrow head!

not liable to any injures sustained during or after this project.

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