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Introduction: Floating Shelf

this type of shelf is a good way of making areas free of clutter while keeping floor space available.

Step 1: Materials

- 1200mm of pine

- band saw

- chisel

- hammer

- file

- sandpaper

- glue

- pencil

- ruler

- mill drill

Step 2: Planning Your Shelf

to make anything you first need to design it. you need to find out your materials and you need to make a plan. take the amount of wood your going to use and divide it into five equal lengths. i am using five pieces of 210mm by 90mm of pine.

Step 3: Making the Joints

to join the pieces of wood together i will be using a finger joint. to make this you need to mark up three squares that are the depth of the wood. refer to the pitcher for help.

Step 4: Cutting Out the Joints

the next step is to cut out the joints for the shelf. make the cuts so that they are a little bigger that the holes. remember to not force them together.

Step 5: Inner Joint

when cutting the finger joints it is easiest to run the band saw through it multiply times so that you can then come through and chisel it out.

Step 6: Joints

in the end you should have four pieces of wood that can join onto each other. your wood should look like the photo.

Step 7: Middle Shelf

get two pieces of wood that are parallel to each other and cut out a grove that is the wood thick on both sides.

Step 8: Filing

finally before glueing you need to go and file down all of the finger joints so that they fit into each other snugly. remember not to force the wood together of it will snap.

Step 9: Glue

next you need to glue the wood together. you must wait till the glue is dry before glueing the middle shelf in as-well.

Step 10: Sanding

to achieve a finish of high quality sand all the surfaces of the shelf and the corners.

Step 11: Varnish

lastly you need to apply a varnish to the shelf so that it looks great.

Step 12: Final Product

Step 13: Fixings

To achieve the actual floating part of the shelf you will just need a standard elbow bracket. Fix this bracket to the shelf which will attach to the wall

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    luke waller
    luke waller

    7 years ago

    Hay guys. It would really help me if you smashed that vote button for my project. Also smash that like button.

    luke waller
    luke waller

    7 years ago

    Thanks guys for the feed back. Keep posted about the floating part. Hopefully get that up today. Also finishing wasn't great because it was a school assignment with a time grain


    7 years ago on Introduction

    nice, don't take this the wrong way ,but I think your a lot like me ,and don't spend a lot of time on the finishing ,drip marks and such ,so how are you attaching it to the wall so it looks like its floating ?