Introduction: Floppy Disck Booby-trap

have you ever wanted to scare the s@^# out of your friend or coworker ? 
well you have came to the right place. 
not only does it scare them, it makes a loud noise and messes up everything you put on top of it.  

Step 1: Materials !

to make this trap you need: 
2 regular rubber bands  
1 smaller rubber band 
2 floppy-disks  
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to set trap/optional : 
papers(put writing or find a paper thats important. not too important though) 
sticky note 

Step 2: Make Trap

line up floppy disks so they are facing the same way then slide one of your larger rubber bands on near the end. then put the smaller rubber band in the middle. then put the remaining rubber band on the other end.  
and you set your trap hooray 

Step 3: Set Your Trap

slide one of the floppy disks so its touching the side of the other floppy disk 
make sure it doesn't  snap

Step 4: Disguise Your Trap

OK now its time to hide the trap tape a piece of paper to the trap. put a sticky note on the paper. then tape the sticky note to the paper. 
you can write on the sticky note and put somthing like this : give these papers to bill.   when they pick it up SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!! 

thank you i hope you like my first instructable