Introduction: Foam Weapons

make cool weapons out of foam for cosplay,costumes, and more
please be careful with a saw and these toys I can take no responsibility for your actions

Step 1: Materials

the things you will need are
1 foam ( I use the punk foam you get at home depot ) this is what the sword is made of
2 saw for making cuts in the foam
3 pencil for marking your design
4 file for doing the edges
heat foam cutter
hot glue gun and glue for fixing

Step 2: Cut Your Foam

cut your piece of foam to the desired width

Step 3: Apply Your Design

draw or trace your design on to your foam with your pencil

Step 4: Cuting and Shaping

cut out your design with either your saw or foam cuting tool

Step 5: Final Shaping and Finishing

file your edges of the weapon to make the point. than optionaly paint your weapon

Step 6: Fixing

if your weapon breaks just fox it with some hot glue