Introduction: Folded Cardboard Window Blind

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I live in northern Sweden, and in summer - there's no sunset it never gets dark.

Our house has many big windows and I'm simply too cheap to buy that much window blinds :P

I came up with this inexpensive, easy and yet decorative window blind.
It takes about 30 minutes to make one.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need:
a big sheet of cardboard (the one i used was kind of sloppy and had a lot of holes in it - you may choose a nicer one)
some twine
a long straight piece of lumber or anything else - it has to be straight thats all, you'll only need it as help for cutting)
a knive or cutter
2 hairclips or clothespins

2 hooks or heavy stones

1 big needle for the twine (works without but it'll much easier with the needle)

Step 2: Measure Your Window

measure your window, and add about 20inches to the height.
cut your cardboard the same size.

you'll need to know the depth as well.

Step 3: Impress the Cardboard :)

you measured the depth of your window - right?
let' say it is 5 inches deep, than you'll make your foldes about 2,5 inches.

mark lines with for example 2,5 inches distance,
take the straight piece of lumber (or whatever you use) and place it on the cardboard.
now takte the BACK of your knife or cutter and impress every second line,
DON'T CUT THROUGH the card board, the lines are only a help for folding the blind. you won't need much pressure.

See the pictures.

Step 4: Folding

no fold the cardboard in every line - all in the same direction!
press the fold hard with your hand.

see the pictures

Now turn the sheet around.

Step 5: Impress Other Side

now impress the remaining lines on the other side, and fold them too.

you'll end up with a zig-zag folded cardboard.

Step 6: Drill a Hole and Thread It

now take your drill and drill a hole through  the folded blind.

take the twine and thread it through the holes.

if you have a big needle, life will be much easier ;)

make a knot on one end, (see the pictures)

Now repeat this on the other side.

Step 7: Mount the Blind

mount the side with the knot, on the upside of your window.

i chose too clamp it between the window an the frame, for a more permanent solution, you may use skrews.

tense the both twines on the bottom of the window, i used two heavy stones, for a more permanent solution use hooks.

Step 8: Adjust Length

to adjust the lenght of the window blind, use the hairclips or clothingpins as shown in the pictures.

Step 9: Admire Your Work :)

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