Get the Most Out of Your Palm Device




Introduction: Get the Most Out of Your Palm Device

well before i begin may i say:
warning u may kill yourself by swallowing the palmtop and i am not to be held responsible, its your own stupid fault. and also on a more serious note, the files i am shareing are only to be legaly used if you have baught them. i am not wanting to be responsible for shareing illegal files.

ok now that the boring stuff is over lets begin

this is a instructible on how to get the most out of your palm device. there is only one over i can find olnine that covers more than two mods so this is going to be better than anything else online and more helpful
to get everything working be prepared to spend many days without sleep.

now i will be useing the tungsten t3 for deminstrations but this is not limited to just the t3. most things will run on older devices but i dont think much will run on newer devices because they totaly changed the OS. still no harm in trying right?

this instructible will be devided into diffrent mods on diffrent pages. so some may only be a few words long, so sorry for so many pages but it makes it easyer for me and you

what do you need for this?
  • a palm device (preferably t3 or earlyer)
  • a SD card
  • a computer
  • a usb cradle or other way of installing the files
  • the cd it came with (if you lost this im sure i could copy it for you)
  • the installer program for transfering files to the palm from your pc
    and finaly
  • winrar for unziping any necercery files

also if you need any help running or installing anything just ask and i will be more than happy to help. i spent may days getting some things to work, and other things i have still not sorted out properly.

Step 1: The Red LED Hack (t3 Only)

ok so this is a basic hack for the t3 only 

did you know the tungsten t3 was made with a red LED but it was never used in the hardware?
this hack allows the red led to flash whenever it acesses the SD card

simply install the program then run it and it is done. very simple

Step 2: Ljp

this is the best emulator you will ever find for the palm
its called LJP which stands for little john palm

it emulates
  • nes
  • snes
  • gameboy and gameboy colour
  • gens
  • ngp
  • ws
  • tg16
  • sms
  • gg
  • vcs

its a very nice emulator with almost no glitchs or freezes and im pretty sure it will work on most palms

heres where to get the latest update

to install simply install the file to your palm and run it with a SD card in ( this will create the folders) then open the SD card on your computer and paste the other files that also came in the rar file, under the ljp folder

Step 3: Apple ][ Computer

what is cooler than having a apple 2 computer on your palmtop? well now you can with the app called appalm ][ 
the install is pretty easy: just simply install the file. the hard part is getting the disks on there. for this you need to have downloaded some apple 2 disks of games. then drag the disk image to dsk2pdp.exe and it will turn the disk image to a pdp format that you then need to install on your palm. then you can run it. a bit confusing at first but once you find out how to do it, it becomes pretty easy.

here is the website with the latest update:

Step 4: Bejeweled

ask almost anyone who has a palm and they will say how good this game is. i normaly play fps games but this is such a addictive game its great. play at your own risk of loosing hours of sleep.
i dont think legally i can share a copy of this so sorry fellas you'll have to spend your money on this one. however if they stop selling it i guess i can hand out a copy. also there is nothing stoping you search for a patched copy (which does exist if you search enough)
i dont think i need to say much more on this one, just get it. 

Step 5: Filez

this alows you to access your files on your palm in a lot more of a open way than what the actual palm file system alows. also i find the battery meter on this app to be more reliable.
another basic install, just install and run.

Step 6: Free42

this is a copy of a HP-42S calculator because sometimes the standard calculator they give you just isn't good enough
another easy install.
here is where to download it

Step 7: Frodo

frodo is the amazing Commodore 64 emulator 
the install is easy and for the disks simply put them on your SD card. not under any folders or anything. 
there are lots of diffrent settings and other controls to setup for this, and if you are running it on a t3 you might want to underclock it because it runs a bit fast
here is the download site

Step 8: Dosbox

is it dosbox time?
well here is a dosbox for your palm. it can play lots of dos games and other apps.
some people have even got windows to run on it. but i only have a t3 and dos box is a bit glitchy on a t3. i would say more about it but really i have only just found it and havent really had a chance to play around with it yet.
here is the latest copy and instructions, have fun

Step 9: Ppsx

sadly for this one my t3 seems to not be able to run it at all so, again, i cant tell you much about this one but there are youtube videos of this running, so i know it does. i probaly just need to over clock my palm then try it again.
its a basic install and just have a sd card in so it can make the right files and then put the rom files in. 
here a youtube link of it working:

Step 10: TCPMP

this is the only legit media player for palm. while other media players for palm involve converting file formats and other stuff. this can browse your whole SD card and play lots of diffrent formats. its basicly VLC player for your palm. a basic install and you can have your media stored anywere.

Step 11: Doom

thats right now you can play doom, quake, duke nukem 3D and many more games like this on your palm.
the files are often being uploaded so i wont bother posting my ones on but just download from this site and follow the instructions and you will be playing doom on your palm in no time.

also search on that site for the other fps games to install on your palm

Step 12: SDHC

are you sick of being limited to 2gb cards? well now you can use SDHC cards in your palm with the powerSDHC hack
here is the website that explanes everything, and be aware t3 users that the t3 has to use the big card app and not the normal one.

Step 13: Teal OS

last but defenatly not least is the Teal OS
i never used my palm until i installed this. i use to find the palm the most annoying and poorly designed thing ever. but after changing the OS i loved it and now often use it.
again sorry i think legaly i cant upload the files but if you cant buy it anymore email me and i will be more than happy to give you the files.
here is a video of the OS in action. 

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