Introduction: Ghost Rider

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this yard decoration is almost embarrassingly easy to do

Step 1: Gather Materials

most of the materials I used were rescued from the curb except for the paint

 a 20" bike but any size would work
 vacuum cleaner extension pipes/hoses (don't steal the one from the house vacuum!)
 an old foam pumpkin
 plastic sheeting, I got a lot of plastic from my painter son but a dollar store drop cloth would work
 can of white spray paint

Step 2: Assemble

I wasn't totally happy with my lollipop ghosts
I added an old foam pumpkin as the head form this time, after painting the bike and tube with white spray paint I
pushed the pumpkin on the tube and draped a large sheet of plastic over it, using another strip about a foot wide
and 8 feet long I twisted it into an easily manageable "rope" and tied it at about the center around the "neck" of the
ghost then tied the ends to the hand grips to represent hands

Step 3: Work in Progress

the ghost rider looks pretty cool in the yard but eventually I'll hang it from a large tree branch or actually have my son or one of the other younger guys climb the ladder and tie it up in the tree = ) maybe a light hidden in the tree or at it's base to light it

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