Introduction: Give Your Rc Car Break Lights

in this instructable I will show you how to add break lights to your rc car
here is what you will need:
rc car
2 LEDs
some wire
soldering iron
dril bit

Step 1: Drillig the Holes

ok so get your drill bits out and find one thats about the same size as the led it better to make it to small then to big then drill holes where you want to lights to be in your car

Step 2: After Drill

it should look something like this

Step 3: Time for a Test Fit

take your led and check and see if it fits into the hole

Step 4: The Power

so we need to power these leds so take and led and tuch it to the motor and make sure the rc car is turned on adn press back up if the light lights up then good remember what way u put the led but if it did not flip the led over and try again it should work now

Step 5: How This Works

the reason the led will only turn on when u back up is that the motor switches its possitive and negative side to make it spin the right way you say to on the control

Step 6: Wire Set Up

here is a picture on how to wire it take not the led has a longer side make sute when you wire them toget its the same

Step 7: Finish Up

after you did the wireing put your car back together and test it out hopefuly it works and now your rc car has back up lights :D

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