Introduction: Gopro and Cameras Tipod Slider

thats how to do without wasting a lot of money

Step 1: Some Things You Will Need

first one tripod, here im using an old telescopic tripod from an old telescopic

second an 60cm ball bearing drawer slider

thin wood

some screws and bots

and tools

Step 2: Starting

you will start increasing the range of the slider

take out the plastic part and bend flat like the pictures

then you will need to bend the sides, to the bearings dont fall

and in my case drill the inside part that have something like a lock

Step 3: Attach the Slider to the Tripod

like the pictures show, attach

than you will get any screw and bolt to do the handle, choose where you want to put

Step 4: Stablizer Part

now get the thin piece of wood and cut 4 rounded pieces

than drill them flat and straith, and do another hole like the 4 picture

Step 5: Leveler..

cut another piece of the wood to put in the slider

using glue and little nails do something like the 3rd picture using the rounded pieces of wood and the one that you have cut to the slider

than i find an perfet screw here in my things "6th pctr" to put in the middle

using the other 2 rounded woods and another piece of wood, do the other part of the leveler

Step 6: Finishing

using an bicycle screw i fit the gopro tripod adapter and the camera in the leveler

and the upper part from the leveler i can use to use only the camera without the slider

Step 7: And Thats It

hope you like it

sorry about my english