Introduction: Grass Lunch Tray

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I love eating my lunch in the park, but sometimes am too busy to leave my desk or to find a nearby green space. By combining a shallow serving tray with real grass I can take the park with me wherever I go, with the grass lunch tray!

Making your own is super easy, and having your own personal green space at your desk is bound to be an attention-getter at your office.
Let's make!

Step 1: Supplies

Step 2: Cut Plastic Sheet

Unroll the plastic sheet to cover the entire bottom and sides of the serving tray. This plastic will act as a barrier between the sod and the surface of the tray and should be monolithic (no breaks or cuts in the plastic which water can seep through).

I cut a rough shape of plastic that was larger than I thought I would need, then draped it over the tray.

Step 3: Glue in Place

Before trimming the plastic to the final dimensions I glued it in place.

Positioning the plastic where I wanted I used a dab of hot glue in each corner of the tray and then pressed the plastic into the glue, securing it in place. I glued the rest of the corners while gently pulling the plastic taut. Once the corners were glued down, I glued the edges of the plastic sheet to the inside of the serving tray.

Step 4: Trim Plastic

Once the glue had cooled I trimmed the excess plastic from the tray.

Since my serving tray had handles I also trimmed the plastic from around the handle openings so they would be usable.

Step 5: Rough Cut Sod

The smallest section of sod I could buy was 8sq.ft (4' x 2' section). Since this was too large for my serving tray I needed to cut it down to size.

Unrolling the sod outside, I cut a section a little larger than my serving tray with a putty knife.

Step 6: Trim Sod to Fit Tray

After the sod was cut to a rough shape it was placed into the lined serving tray. Then, the sod was trimmed to fit the serving tray perfectly.

Step 7: Add Drink Holder

I wanted to include a sturdy place to hold my drink, so I cut out a section of sod using a 3" PVC coupler as a template.

I decided to trim down my 3" PVC coupler, as it was a little too tall. Next, I positioned the coupler on the sod near a corner and cut around it. After removing the section of sod I placed the PVC coupler in the opening to act as a retainer, keeping the sod clear of the opening.

Step 8: Lawn Haircut

Like all lawns, this grass will also need to be trimmed. I used scissors to trim my grass down to a neat and tidy height.

Step 9: Dine at the Park

You're all set to enjoy your own personal slice of greenery in the concrete jungle. Place your plate and beverage on the tray, and step into your own personal tranquil park.

Have you made your own grass lunch tray? I want to see it!

Happy making :)

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