Introduction: Grass Patching

We had a row bushes that were growing to large en were overgrown with rubus. It wasn't a pretty sight.
We decided to remove the bushes and replace them by a dead hedge. But with the bushes gone, there was a whole bare patch exposed. We thought the grass would soon cover it all again, but instead more rubus, nettles, and other unwanted plants infested the place.

When we were cleaning our stone path (the grass always tries to overgrow the path) I got the idea to use these patches of grass to place them on the pare patch in an attempt to restore the grass.
So we linked one solution of one problem to the solution for an other problem, which is always pretty nice to do.

so if you have a similar problem, you can just copy this idea.

ps: I excuse myself for any spelling mistake that might occurred, English is not my native language. But please correct me if I typed something wrong, we're all here to learn.

Step 1: What You Will Need

-the grass patches removed from the stone path or from you Terrace (or where you want to get it).
-a (not to large) bare patch of garden, where you want grass to grow,

-something to loosen the soil (a rake or a hoe),
-something to chip off the overgrown grass (an edger would be perfect, if you don't have one a spade will do just fine),

Step 2: Put Your Back in to It

*First we solve the first problem: the path
-Chip off the grass that has overgrown the path and collect the slabs
bigger slabs are better, but don't throw away the small ones, as they can fill in the gaps between the larger pieces.

*Then we solve problem number 2: the bare patch:
-loosen up the soil
-remove the big chunks of Weed, the small parts may stay as they act as a fertilizer. The roots on the other hand, have to go! otherwise you new patch of grass will be littered with Weeds in no time.
-puzzle the patches of grass to fill the bare space as good as possible
-gently push down with feet or hand (the use of other body parts for this job is possible, though not recommended)
-water it thoroughly
-wait for the grass to grow before mowing it

you won't win a beauty prize with it, but as a free solution to two problems it's pretty sweet.
good luck

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