Guide to Fresh Water Fishing




Introduction: Guide to Fresh Water Fishing

This is a guide to fishing in fresh water bodies of water such as ponds, lakes, rivers, creeks, and other small bodies of fresh water. This guide includes most all my common used tactics.

Step 1: Step1:dress the Part

when fishing I always dress in layers. also never fish with out some form of head gear such as a hat or bandana
+my preferred layer system+

1st :base-    t-shirt and shorts or pants

2nd :insulation-    long sleeve shirt

3rd: over wear-    jacket or hoodie

4th: outer wear-    rain coat, poncho, and waders

Step 2: Step2:rod&reel

your rod and reel should be chosen by your experience level. i recomend starting with a button release if you are brand new to the sport but if you want to make an investment start with a spinning reel and it will prove much more reliable and preform better.if you have experience buy a nicer spinner and learn to use it. one you have mastered the art of casting with a spinner you should try your hand at using a bait-caster.
also both your rod and reel should be chosen by the type of fish you are going after and the type of fishing you wish to do.
catfish  -spinner, heavy bait-caster(i use a spinner)
bluegill, sunfish, crappie, and other pan-fish  -any(i use a spinner)
bass  -any(i use a bait caster)
carp  -(i have always used spinners for carp)
tilapia  -any reel depending on the type of fishing intended(i uses a spinner because of versatility)

your rodl should also be chosen by the type of fish you wish to catch.
-use a longer pole for panfish
-use a 5-7 foot pole for bass and tilapia
-use a short pole for heavy cats and carp

Step 3: Step3:line

your line also depends on the fish you wish to catch.

my main spinner has 30 pound test braided line for carp, cats, tilapia, and, those bigger bass when i fish in big lakes.

my main spinners is out fitted with 12 pound test for most of my bass fishing

my other spinner has 10 pound test

and my other spinners are outfitted with 10- 30 pound test

Step 4: Step4:hooks

if you are snag fishing i recommend a larger treble hook i snag tilapia with all kinds of trebles

if you are using live bait i recommend a circle hook

and for soft plastics i use a Texas or Carolina rigging hook

any hook works for any type of fishing its just a mater of personal preference and skill level

Step 5: Step5:baits

if you are going after game fish use live bait or soft plastics

if you are going after a scavenger use some thing dead that emits a strong odor

and for fish that are vegetarian use your own home brewed baits

also for game fish use different lures

cat fish- chicken fat, liver, corn, gum, bar soap, wood grubs, and worms

bass- soft plastics, lures, worms, grubs, chicken fat, and live baits

pan fish- bread balls, Berkly power bait, small gigs, and minnows

tilapia and carp are harder fish find your own method for them because i don't have an exact science for them  but i catch carp using a circle hook and a hole slice of bread and tilapi a snag fish for

Step 6: Step7:floats&sinks

if you are fishing for cats i strongly recommend using a sinker or float
and if you are fishing for pan fish i recommend a slip float
bass i like to use a bullet sinker
and carp and tilapia i throw a free line witch i very often do to catch catfish as-well 

Step 7: Step7:knifes&tools

i always carry a pain of needle nose pliers with me when i go fishing. always... uses are endless weather to remove a hook from you ore the catch of the day.
i also carry a pair of clippers or a knife to cut the line
scales and a ruler or measuring tape are also a must if you are keeping your catch
as-well as a fishing license

Step 8: Step8:find a Spot

find your self a spot where there is definite signs of fish life and where there are not to many other anglers
a great way to find a spot is with a fish finder or to scout out an area and look for signs of fish life including

-bait fish
-fountain or aquatic growth
-clean water
-sun light
-trees and downed trees

Step 9: Step9:catch Some Fish

if you are patient and practice you will soon find that you have began to build up a most useful skill that can provide you with food fun and a life time hobby.

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    8 years ago

    Nice, please check out my guide on bass fishing.


    9 years ago

    You may not be from up north but if you know anything about trout fishing could you share some info?

    I would add sunscreen and bug repellant for exposed skin the black flies are out where I am and they bite. This is what I caught in two hours slack lining on a river near my home last weekend.


    10 years ago on Step 9

    SirMames09, that Blue Gill is a good size fish. They don't get much bigger. As far as the taste, sorry but Blue Gill tastes better than Bass, of any size. Once you have eaten a Blue Gill you wont go back to Bass. Well you will still eat Bass, but you will wish it was a Blue Gill ;)


    11 years ago on Step 9

    nice. them fish a wee bit small for my taste, but that's just me...the bigger the better. :)


    11 years ago on Step 5

    carp have been known to hit on canned have catfish. I go thru about 2 cans of corn a I have a minnow trap & a crawdad trap


    11 years ago on Step 2

    I prefer a bait casting reel...but to each his/her own.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    for carp I have a Bass Pro Shops CATMAXX CMX3 with a Shakespear Medium Action Ugly Stick 6 footer.

    I catch other things with it too, but I bought it mainly for carp.
    If it is under 15 pounds, I throw it back....15 - 20 pounds, depends on the fight it gives me as to weather I'll keep it or not. Anything over 20 pounds will end up in my freezer.


    13 years ago on Step 5

    lol i love carp fishing just for the fight but i use sweet corn on a straight hook i catch them all the time.


    Reply 12 years ago on Step 5

    i hear ya i know a lake with carp ranging from 2 or 3 lbs to 30 lbs the small ones are soooo fun on light tackle (4 to 8 pound line) and i fish with corn 2


    13 years ago on Introduction

    wich one
    theres a zebco legacy wich i recently gave away
    a rapala rapsxi combo
    aabu garcia silver max with a berkly rod
    a shimono with a shimano rod
    a pen spinner reel
    and a diawa spinner reel