Introduction: Hand Activated Fireball Shooter

i was making the classic fire ball shooter when i came up with this idea. Its basically a  normal fire ball shooter but attached to a glove and instead of being triggered buy a momentary switch, its triggered by a flex sensor connected to an ATtiny85.
it is quiet simple to make and yous easy to find components.
The Components:
1/2 inch aluminium tube
1/4 x 28 nut
glow plug
rainbow wire
PCB board
flex sensor
super glue

Step 1: Making the Firing Tube

the first step is to glue the nut to the aluminium tube as show in the picture. the second step is to screw the glow plug in and that is it.
the firing rod is the easiest thing to make in the project.

Step 2: Making the Glove

the first step is to find the spot were your wrist is then mark it cut a piece of Velcro a little bit bigger than your flex sensor then place the middle of the Velcro on the spot were your wrist was and sew it on. to sew it, sew around the edges to create a seem but leave the bottom edge open so that your sensor can fit in. now glue the other side of Velcro to the firing tube with the super glue i used some elastic bands to hold the Velcro in place.

Step 3:

make the circuit board that i have given you then you need to program the ATtiny it doesn't mater how you write the program but mainly it has to tern the relay on and one of the leds if the sensor is bent and then delay for a second or two then turn off the relay and led and turn on the other led when the sensor is not bent. now soldier the ATtiny the relay and the resistor as well as the rainbow wires

Step 4:

now all you have to do is to wire the sensor the glow plug the leds and batteries

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