Introduction: Hand Toot Tote (pallet Project)

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i got inspired to make this hand too tote by Tommy p from Tommy's workshop on youtube. he's an amazing woodworker. he has a "shaker"style and thats what i wanted for this. and not to mention am all around cool guy . so a salute to tommy for insliring this build. i made mine outta pallet wood or re claimed wood.except the bottom and handle those are maple.handle is ambrosia maple and bottom is regular hard maple. sides are pine and finished with boiled linseed oil. the handle is removable,and is held in place with walnut dowels. if you like to see how its built check out my you tube channel-JOE BASEMENTWOODWORKING. please subscribe i put out weekly videos on Tuesday and or fridays.

Step 1:

so this tote is made of pallet wood.except the bottom and handle the handle is made of ambrosia maple the bottom is made of hard maple both three-quarter inch ..the rest of the tote is half inch pine .heres how i made it.I started off by cutting the sides into2- 3 inch pieces and gluing them together all four sides are 6 inches in total height. I did not use biscuits because it's only a half inch thick and didn't think it was necessary. after it was all assembled and sanded it to a 180 grit sandpaper finish and finished it with two coats of linseed oil to give it a weathered look. the total dimensions are 16 inches long by 8 inches wide by 6 inches high. I was inspired to make this by Tommy p he has a YouTube channel called shavingwood wood shop.. check out my channel as well I have a full build video on the hand tool tote on my channel Joe basement woodworking.thanks