Introduction: Handle Making

late again bad wookie : ( ok so maybe i cant teach you how to make a tomahawk like the one i made today but i can show you how to make the handle

Step 1: Matereals

for this you need a hard wood, i'm using a piece oak i cut off part of an old broken shovel handle a little thick but it will do, as for lenigth its really personal preference, i just cut it the same as my favorite hammer and called it good

Step 2: Begin Carving

mark the middle of your handle material and go with the grain, then start using thumb assisted cuts to get it into the shape you want, make it 1/4 to 1/2 an inch longer than your head is and don't remove too much, make it a snug fit

Step 3: Almost There

after cleaning out the inside of my hole a little more i got it to drop down on snug, now you need to cut along that line you marked earlier with a thin blade, i just used a hack saw, make it as deep as your head

Step 4: Spreading

now take a thin piece of wood and sharpen it to a flat edge, i just used a hand plane and sand paper but you can also carve it if you like, pound that in a good ways and break it off, my head was on there pretty tight by now but just to help keep it that way i pounded in a nail cross ways

Step 5: Done

alright be safe and have fun