Handlebar Mount for Extra Equipment (clip On) Bicycle




Introduction: Handlebar Mount for Extra Equipment (clip On) Bicycle

I've made a simple device for mounting extra equipment using the stem.

I did this so I can keep using the complete handlebar for riding.

PVC Tubing (Diameter slightly bigger than stem)
round bar (length according to the amount of extra stuff you want to use)
flat piece of iron (to connect round bar with pvc piece)
Rivets (you can use small screws)

Step 1: Main Piece

This is the main piece,

sized by trial, filing away small bits to get a good fit

make it long enough so it covers the whole stem
the front bit is wedged between the 2 top bolts of the stem (see final picture)

Step 2: Ready

This is ready, but variations are possible,

you can use a longer or even better looking connection piece or put the round bar underneath
whatever you prefer

Step 3: Angle Showing Rivets

i like rivets for their strength

Step 4: Paint It Black

Step 5: Montage

Put a piece of rubber underneath PVC piece, secure with zip-ty

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Nice work and a hell of a lot neater than my broom handle and hose clamp job. With all the gadgets we carry on bikes these days, handlebars get cramped pretty fast!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    yes, rock solid even without the zip-ty the main thing keeping it from twisting are the two top bolts of the stem but the pvc pipe is shaped to my stem, so i guess different shapes for different stems