Introduction: Handmade Balans Chair

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handmade balans chair

I made a balans chair referring to Varier Variable balans.

You have to prepare
- boards 18mm thick, over 530*500mm
- a CNC milling machine capable of cutting over 530*500mm

Step 1:

Please download a zip folder. contains ai files (I made them with CS3),
balans4share_pdf contains pdf files.

Step 2:

Cut the plans by a CNC milling machine.

I used Rockler CNC shark pro
with BOSCH PMR 500
with an 6mm endmill.

Step 3:

Assemble the parts.

You will need many hands when you assemble the seat part/the knee part with the bars
because you have to assemble all the bars at the same time
and wood naturally curves slightly so it will be very difficult for one person to do it.

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