Hardwire a Dashcam, Cheap and Quick - Vauxhall Zafira




Introduction: Hardwire a Dashcam, Cheap and Quick - Vauxhall Zafira

I found a dash cam for sale in BP station for £15 pounds.
I couldn't resist and knew if want it hardwired in to the ignition.
also brought an extension socket from poundland.

have a play with the dash cam before you install it, fully get to grips with the menu and get all the settings right following the instructions.

I'm not a car expert. so I've done this to the best of my ability, feel free to leave constructive criticism.

Step 1: Removing the Trim

find your 12v cigarette lighter on your vehicle and find out how to remove the trim.
on the zafira
you remove the diagnostic cover by pulling down with your finger through the hole.
pull the plastic trim with the cup holder out
use a screwdriver and wedge the trim off slowly from the two points in the picture, remember to do both sides of the Trim and it should lift off easily.

Step 2: Position + Cable.

clean the window and offer up the suction cup. check it doesn't cross your driving field and doesn't clash with the mirror or Sunvisor.

also check the length of cable will reach your point of power.

place the unit up and connect in your the usb and start dressing it back.

use a blunt piece of plastic this ruler worked well. slotting it up behind the head liner and tucking it in to the A piller trim.

I tucked it down the the door seal as there was a small gap inside the seal. and worked all the way to the seat frame tucked it into the frame and secure.

Step 3: Adding Another 12v Socket.

The main 12v socket is live at all times.
I wanted the camera to switch with the ignition.
pulld the clip from the 12v socket.
there was an T shaped connector and a smaller taped connection

I checked the orientation of the wires using a voltage meter.
Brown - ground
red - permanent live
black ignition live

I found a small fuse 7.5a that slotted in to the blacks connector. and used a female spade on the other. crimpped this to my extension socket.

the grounding wire can be taken to a suitable metal bolt or screw fixed to the body of the vehicle or as I have done piggy backing off the ground of the main socket.

I wiggle a screw driver in the connector and pushed out the spade
praised open the cable gripper and tried to disconnect it with no avail.
I settled for wrapping the ground leg around the copper and using the cable grip to crimp it down.

then reconnected it back to its holder and dressed and secured the cables back in to the console

checked the original socket first. working normally.
check your extension socket now and see if it switches with your ignition.

Step 4: Finish Up and Final Check

I cable tied the plug and the socket together and found a gap to slot it away under the passenger seat. I tucked the excess cable in the gaps under the rails.

be careful not to run it around or accross the rails for adjusting the seats.

replace the trim you've removed in reverse order. it should just clip together.

check it all works and angle the camera to get the best picture.

Step 5: Update - Videos

http://sendvid.com/b1s7e9w0. little drive to the shops, not sure what's causing the noise. -
turning on to check it switches with ignition- http://sendvid.com/u5zmz8hx

Step 6:

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    3 years ago

    Thanks for the tip on the switched live connection. Its a pain having the ciggie lighter on all the time. Will use your guide to fit my dash cam in to my Zafira B. Cheers


    6 years ago

    with this model of dashcam.There were reports that the usb supply that came with it interfered with the audio. try using a different usb power supply. easy to find. you probably have plenty of spare ones lying around.


    6 years ago

    Hi, great constructable and a very useful feature to your car.

    Like you, I wanted mine to be out of sight out of mind, and definitely not in the middle of the screen like you see some have, but that's another rant altogether.

    A couple of things to look into however....
    1. the dash cam I bought has three wires. A permanent live so it remembers the time and date, a switched live to turn it on and off, and a ground. I picked all of these up on the radio which is often easier to tap in to than other circuits.
    2. on many cars (I have a ford Mondeo for example) there are two fuses for the cigarette lighter socket. One of these is to keep it permanently live, the other for a switched live. I've had a quick Google and, depending on the he of your car, there could be switched live at the socket....

    Nice work none the less.
    Drive safe


    Reply 6 years ago

    Sorry, I missed it on the first read, I see you used the switched live.


    Reply 6 years ago

    it was also a case of remembering to plug it in each time.
    the dash cam has a built in battery so I only needed the switched live.
    ive seen a few which pull a feed from the fuse box with an addafuse and a couple which run off the glove box light


    6 years ago

    good idea but to save all the hassle of running that amount of wire you could butcher a in car usb charger and fit it up round the interior light and connect the power from the interior light feed.


    Reply 6 years ago



    Reply 6 years ago

    that's a fair point, defiantly something I've been meaning to do In the car anyway
    It seems like quite long winded in the pictures but the longest part of it was trying to prise open the grounding lug without breaking it.
    took 25 minutes tops