Introduction: Hardwood Floors

1 planer, 1 mitre saw, 140 4"x4" Treated Fence Posts
13,000 cuts, sand, stain, sealer, wallah!!!!!!

Step 1: Cure the Wood

very simple but completely monotonous.
1. first I let the wood dry and cure for a number of weeks.

Step 2: Planer

then I used a 13" planer to shave off about 1/8 inch off each side to have a perfect edge.

Step 3: Miter Saw Cuts

3. next I set up a sliding template using painters rollers and rolled the wood onto my miter saw. with which I cut each piece 5/8 thick. (about a gazillion times) ( I found it a good idea to use a really nice facemask for this type of work, unless you want to have a headache as big as TX and pass out and die of strychnine poisoning)

Step 4: Acclimate Wood to the A/c

4. after these were cut I would take them inside the house in the air conditioning and let them cure for another two weeks.

Step 5: Wait

5. twiddle your thumbs

Step 6: Lay Them Straight

6. as they were drying we set them all through the house in order to make sure my math was correct. I had two milk crates full left over.

Step 7: Prep the Concrete

7. next I prepped the concrete slab.

Step 8: Glue

8. then I went on to applying hardwood floor adhesive all over myself and the floor by using a grout trowel. (this was the most difficult part because of the speed at which the glue begins to harden vs. how fast you can lay down a row of wood tiles and go back to the first of that row)

Step 9: Sanded It

9. after adhesion I rented a floor sander from the depot and smoothed out the surface. then cleaned all the dust away.

Step 10: Stain

10. then we stained it a dark honey color which brought out the colors and lines more.

Step 11: Sealed It

11. final step was applying hardwood sealer everywhere. this took a couple of days and I did about 3 or 4 coats.

Step 12: Finally

12. last I added all the trim around the edges and I was done.
oh by the way, I ended up using every last piece of wood. down to final slivers which went into my master bathroom entrance.