Heated Grips Out of Houshold Items

Introduction: Heated Grips Out of Houshold Items

items needed:

old toaster {broken is fine)
14 gauge wire
can of plasti dip
toilet paper tubes

Step 1: Prep Filament

Remove filament from toaster.  Take one of the filaments and connect one end to negative on 12 volt battery. Take other end and clip to pos. on  battery, keeping filament away from conductive surfaces.  Slowly shorten lenght of wire connected too pos on battery until you get the filament to heat up to the point where it is hot but does not burn you.  Cut filament to lenght at that point.

Step 2: Prep Tubes for Handlebars

Cut length and width of paper tubes to fit snugly around handlebars, "these can be put right over original grips".  Then measure filament and calculate how many tracks u can put across tube.  I used two filaments so i could space them 1/4 inches apart and fed both filaments, but one should be fine and end up spaced about 1/2 inches apart.  Drill small holes (1/16 th inch) in ends of tube so filament can be woven onto surface of tube. The filament is run across face, then when pushed thru to back make the short jump to next (adjacent) hole then back out to the face for the long run across.  See pic of  tube face and back. Leave enough filament on bothe ends to soldier.  The filament will not take sodier so you will either have to use crimp ons or put enogh sodier to surround filament and adhear to feed wire.

Step 3: Seal Tubes

After the filament is all threaded and ends to battery are preped make sure filaments are all straight dip the whole tube iin plasti dip and hang to dry. Repeat this  3 times. Then just put tubes over handlebars. I used electrical tape to secure them. A inline fuse should be used, and preferably tied into ignition switch so as not to kill the battery if it is left on.  Feed 12 volts to wire ends and enjoy.   It is recomended to put a 2 position swich and put a heavy duty resistor off one leg to give a high and low setting.  Not sure on resistor values, mine  is all shink tubed up and not visible.  Hope u enjoy this.  Mine get really hot on high and i usually use low.

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    8 years ago on Step 3

    I was thinking of using this idea to make a heater for my ski pole handles. Do you think it would be possible for these to get hot and last long enough with a ~5 V power source, ie some sort of rechargeable battery? I was thinking of testing the optimal wire heating length with the rechargeable battery instead of a 12 V source


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Another thing is being grips will be smaller the lower voltage would probably save you having to put a resistor in. I am just making a thumb warmer to go with my grips for 4 wheeler. I am just putting this in line with right hand grip. The filament is short and won't change the temp of grip much.I am just dipping it in plastic dip now to coat it.


    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    Sure I do not see any problem other than battery life. Not sure how much it would draw. Just adjust wire length to get warm at 5 volts. Good luck, let me know how u make out or if u have problems.