Introduction: Helping Hand Mobile Phone Tripod (2-in-1) From Junk (kind a Universal)

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Here is one of my work that i will share to you. This is a helping hand that you can use as a mobile phone tripod. If you want to take a picture and you dont have any assistant to do it, then here is thing you can use.

Step 1: Step1: Prepare the Materials...

here are the materials that you need...
me, i prefer all of the materials from junk.

1. microphone stem(i dont know what is it called so i just call it microphone stem, i get that from my brother's junk microphones that he will dispose, instead of disposing it i just get it from the trashcan and keep it on my little junkyard on my room.)
2. aligator clips (using a large one is the best option)
3. any junk plastic that you can use as a base, me i use a spray paint cap,
4. any large cloth pins that can pin softly to avoid damaging the mobile phone.
5. rubber
6. anything that you can use as a weight for the base, i use a broken transformer,
7. aluminum wire (we call it alambre here in the philippines)

Step 2: Step2: Making the Base

drill three holes on the base for your mic stems to fit in.

1st mark the points that needs drilling and then drill it.
drill it accroding to the size of the mic stem.

Step 3: Step3: Remove Unwanted Parts on the Mic Stem.

first to work on the mic stem nicely, i removed the plastic that i can remove at the end of the mic stem and some of the unwanted materials.

Step 4: Step4: Insert the Mic Stems

insert the mic stems on the holes that you drilled on the base.
and then add some glue to make it stable.

Step 5: Step5: Add the Aligator Clips

add the aligator clips at the end of the stems,

Step 6: Step6: Add the Weight for the Base.

adding the weight depends on the material that you will use.
me i wired it on the bottom of the base.

Step 7: Step7: Testing Part 1

before you make the mobile phone holder, you must test your work if needs more weight.
i use a metal to test if my work will tilt when more weight is on the other side..

fortunately it dont tilt. Ü

Step 8: Step8: Making the Holder.

first before you make the holder, you must feel the holding effect of the cloth pin that you will use...
if it pins too tight, then pick another one,

after picking, glue the rubber on the pin, to prevent the scratching of the phone and to improve grip also.

the picture will explain the steps.

Step 9: Finished...

after your done doing the holder, clip it to the helping hand and put your mobile phone in,

take pictures if you want to,

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ü