Introduction: Hipster Ornaments

My idea is simple but without a laser cutter cannot be done. I want to make uncommon ornaments using sheet metal. I hope to win a laser cutter so I can create the new product line for my etsy shop that I have been envisioning for awhile now. The first series I want to introduce includes hipster images. Think boombox, mustache, stunna' shades, pint glass, etc. I follow the design, craft & homemade worlds closely and believe this will be well received and will increase sales to my shop while also fueling my creativity.

Step 1: What You Need:

1. an image of your favorite item
2. computer
3. google for inspiration
4. water (gotta stay hydrated)
5. sketching program
6. xacto knife

Step 2: Draw Your Image

The first thing I want to create using the laser cutter is a boombox. I googled different pictures of boomboxes and drew my own version using paint. I happen to be one of only two humans who never moved passed using that program but any other sketching program would also work (and would probably be more user friendly). So if you have photoshop use it!

When creating your image make sure the lines inside don't connect all the way unless you want a hole. Notice that the lines forming a box around the "speakers" do not connect.

Below is the quick image I created.

Step 3: Print It

Next enlarge your image to the size you want it to be. I want larger images that can be used for non-traditional holiday ornaments or would make cool gifts for friends who appreciate unique items or ideal for a gift tag. Also, smaller versions would be great for jewelry! I have endless ideas.

Step 4: The Boombox

Next I traced the pieces onto a soft foam to see what it would like like once complete. Again, the goal is to have these made from sheet metal to give it a very modern life. Metal is my favorite material to work with so I plan on using aluminum.

Cut away the lines and negative spaces. My knife wasn't sharp but you get the idea.

Step 5: Now Try Something Else!

How about a cassette tape?

Hope this tutorial inspired you to create!

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