Hot Cocoa From Scarce Ingredients

Introduction: Hot Cocoa From Scarce Ingredients

i will show you how to make decent hot chocolate from items that you can scrounge from the bottom of the cupboard. The main trick to thisrecipe is to use A LOT of every ingredient you stick in it.

Step 1: Finding Ingredients

If you were to go to the store and buy ingredients you would most likely just want to get real cocoa so the point of this instructable is how to do it when your either snowed in, really want hot cocoa but the stores are empty (like me) or your just lazy and either don't want to go to a store or its closed. Go through your house and find all the items that are chocalatey. And also get some milk and sugar.

Step 2: Preparing Chocolates

for nutella : Put a small amount of water ( just enough so a big spoonful (not topped off) of nutella is underwater when blopped in) in to a pot set on about medium heat stir constantly. The nutella will turn into small particles and just try to keep them moving before you pour in other ingredients. If this is your only ingredient put about 3 large spoonfuls in and have less water (water should be about half the height of glop before mixed). When putting nutella in i strongly suggest that you put the chocolate milk mix in.

For chocolate bars use a double boiler or easier, boil a small pot of water then put a metal bowl on top. The steam will heat the metal bowl on top so your chocolate will melt in it. Pour bits of water into the chocolate until it is about a liquid. If this were in addition to nutella or chocolate milk mix, put about a third of the bar in. If it is on its own, stick about 3/4 of the bar, more if you want it more chocolatey. Wait for the pot to cool then pour the chocolate water into it.

put in chocolate milk mix next step.

Step 3: Adding Other Ingredients

you should have a cream of nutella or chocolate or both in your pot right now. Now we need to pour in the milk and chocolate milk mix. If you dont have chocolate milk mix pour in the milk so that the cocoa takes on a dark brownish gray color. Put in 1 tsp of sugar and simmer it until a bit of steam starts rising from it but not too long because it will burn your tongue when drunken.

If you do have the chocolate milk mix this will make your recipe much more chocolatey because it joins well with the milk. Pour milk in until it is a lighter grayish brown color .Then put about 2 large spoonfuls of chocolate milk mix in. Put about 1 tsp of sugar in and simmer until ready.

And theres your bottom of the cupboard hot cocoa.

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    10 years ago on Step 3

    Nice, right now I am kind of empty on well, everything chocolate, but I'll have to try this if I am ever running low on hot chocolate mix


    yo heres what i did i used milk hersheys cocoa powder hersheys syrup vanilla dash of salt melted chocolate bar btw +1 so yumy!


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Hello, this a great Instructable, but it is lacking an intro image of the finished product. Please add one so that we can publish it.