How to Import Custom Ringtones.

Introduction: How to Import Custom Ringtones.

Hi I'm going to show you how to import custom ringtones. All you need is iTunes, a ringtone editor app or something else. It's pretty simple but can get difficult. All the steps are in the pictures below

Step 1: Edit Ringtone

Use the app (I'm using ringtone designer) to make the ringtone

Step 2: Save It and Plug Phone in to Computer

Once you save it plug phone into a computer

Step 3: Open ITunes

Once done with that open iTunes

Step 4: Go to Apps and Scroll to the Bottem

Go to apps from the bar at the top and go all the way down to file sharing

Step 5: Select the App and Hit the Saved File

I have the ringtone app so it shows that one look over in documents and hit the one you made I did am I wrong

Step 6: Drag to Desktop

Drag it from iTunes on to your desktop it will be a .m4r iTunes file

Step 7: Go to ITunes and Select Library

Go to iTunes again and go up to the library button at the top right hand corner

Step 8: Select Tones

Go to the top left corner hit the arrow and select tones from the choices

Step 9: Drag in Ringtone From Desktop

Go to your desktop and drag in your ringtone you made earlier to iTunes

Step 10: Go to Iphone

Just go to the right hand corner and select iphone

Step 11: Hit Tones

From the bar go up and hit the tones button

Step 12: Hit the Sync Tones Button and Then the Ones You Whant to Use

Hit sync and select the ones you whant to use

Step 13: Hit Apply

Go to the bottom and select apply (lol I said bottom :p )

Step 14: Go to Sound Settings and Hit Ringtone

Go to settings sound ringtones

Step 15: Go in and Select Your Ringtone!

Go select you ringtone and set it as default and there you go!

Step 16: Troubleshooting

1. "Not seeing shared documents", sync your device with iTunes
2. not seeing Ringtones, make sure you clicked and followed every directions in this tutorial

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