Introduction: How I Made My Awesome Lego Mansion

for the record to show I love Legos, I started playing with them with my older brother when I was 8 and have been building with them ever since, because of the large amount of Lego's I have collected over the years I decided that it would be fun to make a Lego mansion, and with the help of my little sister the plan was completed. it took about three days to complete.

I started with a crude blueprint I made on Microsoft paint.

Step 1: The 1st Floor

I made the left of the mansion and my sister made the right and we took turns on the middle floors. we made each floor around seven bricks high and in preparation for the next floor we made some blocks stick out so we would have a place to put a plate.

Step 2: 2nd Floor

I added the plate and some supports over what would become the storage room and my sister did the same on her side and added an entryway into the prison. in the middle we used thicker plates for the second floor.

as you can probably can tell I liked to build using tall Lego pieces and use thin Lego pieces to support them. while my sister prefers using thin pieces and laying them like bricks, either way works,

Step 3: 3rd Floor

the third floor is where the bedroom is located which is why we decided that it would be cool to add a balcony, on the right my sister added the prison cell and I added plenty of pieces with holes to the armory( you will see why later )

Step 4: Last Floor Aka the Attic

this was the hardest part of the build because it took me a little while to figure out how to make the roof shape, I decided to use hinges to give it that triangle shape.

Step 5: The Last and Most Fun. Dercoration

the step that was the most fun. we used every available resource to make the mansion look awesome including a French chef a mad scientist and a cable guy in need of anger management.

I am aware that most people do not have same exact bricks as I do but most bricks can be exchanged.ultimately this was a fun build for me and my little sister. and I didn't just show it to instruct how to make a mansion but what you can do with plenty of work, a plan, and plenty of Legos,

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