Introduction: How to "unpop" a Speaker

have you ever popped in the centre bit of a speaker and wanted to no how to get it back out? well here's the answer

there are 3 ways to do this

Step 1: First Way

the first way you can do this is simply by using your mouth

all you do is put your mouth round the centre and suck in as hard as you can (this may take a few attemps)

Step 2: Second Method

the second method requires some sellotape

first get your sellotape and cut about a inch and a half off
then stick it to the centre not leaving and part uncovered (leave a bit of sellotape for your fingers) and yank it as hard as you can this also may take a few attemps

Step 3: Method 3

if by now your speaker is still stuck in then its very stubborn!

anyways what you will need for this step is a vaccum cleaner so this is reerly a last resort because you should have had it unpopped by the first step

what you do is(this one's obvious) find the right attachment to fit the bubble in the centre and set your vaccum to the highest suck it has, then turn it on and just place it over the bubble and just leave it until it comes out!

(this can also be done with a hairdryer)

Step 4: Finished!

now you should have a nice sounding speaker(again)

sorry about the images my camera wasnt useable or else i would have shown more in them