How to Assemble Field Equipment (australian Army Cadets)




Introduction: How to Assemble Field Equipment (australian Army Cadets)

this is just a quick guide of how to assemble your field equipment, some of this wont suit you so feel free to change it. also i carry a lot of extra equipment so ill put notes down of the necessities.

Step 1: Webbing

these are the pouches i carry on my webbing.

Step 2: Webbing Contents

these are items inside the pocuhes (previous step) on my webbing.

the first numbers (1. 2. 3. etc.) stand for what pouch the items are kept in from right to left.
the second numbers (.1 .2 .3 etc.) mean what item they are below

1 - styer magazine (20rd)
2 - styer magazine (30rd)
3 - folding knife, fifty% straight 50% serated
4 - multi use cream, good for cuts and burns, also makes good lipbalm
5 - canteen
6 - heximine, a chemical compound used for cooking as gas stoves aren't allowed
7 - heximine, stove used for cooking with heximine
8 - hand towel, used for drying hands and/or eating utensils
9 - japara, rtain jacket, also warms you up as no heat can escape
10 - gloves, try to keep them thin but still warm, dont have them to thick or you have to take them off to pick small things up.
11 - balaclava, or a beanie whochever suits they're good for night time activities and sleeping
12 - spoon, or kfs (knife, fork, spoon) i prefer a spoon because it doesnt rattle as much
13 - canteen
14 - canteen cup, canteen fits inside and fits nice and tight into pouch
15 - first aid kit, i keep thsi one fairly small with only the essentials for a 'quick fix'
16 - hootchie cord, thin nylon rope used for assembling hutchies (shown later)
17 - baby wipes, multi use including cleaning eating equipment and wiping your ass
18 - tie straps, good for tying things together
19 - sun screen
20 - duct tape
21 - camouflage cream, keeps you well hidden
22 - electical tape, good for tying things together without tie straps
23 - cloth, good for polishing and cleaning rifles, waterproof bag, good for keeping maps and other things that CANNOT get wet
24 -leatherman multitool
25 - lighter, make sure it is disposable you don't want a zippo going missing out field

Step 3: Pack

these are the pouches attatched to my pack (some are permanent [marked] some are detachable)

Step 4: Pack Contents

this is what i keep in and around my pack

same deal as step 2

1 - hootchie cord , varying sizes and thicknesses depending on what i need it for
2 - rations, those that are given to me on camp
3 - heximine, spare
4 - mess kit - contains 2 bowels a kfs set and teatowel but i dont use these at all
5 - heximine stoves, spare as they get ruined pretty quick
6 - spare notebook and stationary, incase i lose, run out of something and need to replace
7 - first aid kit, this is the big one for big things that are serious
8 - torch, actually part of the first aid kit but it wont fit in
9 - emergency rations, incase i or others run out and are desperate for food
10 - spare canteen cup
11 - toiletries, keep showering stuff in here as well as insect repellent and a toothbrush with toothpaste
12 - spare canteen
13 - roll mat, not vital but its good for dead weight and makes a god make-do rocket launcher
14 - hutchie and tent pegs, the vital equipment for staying drying whilst sleeping clip two together and it makes a tent
15 - sleeping bag and pillow, vital for staying warm but i only carry the pillow for dead weight
16 - vest, the step down from a jumper but still warm
17 - jumper, fairly warm but really uncomfortable and picks up a lot of dead ground
18 - water proof bag and underwear, bag is for keeping your uniforms dry and underwear is so you can have a change in you need to
19 - socks, try to change them every three days earlier if possible
20 - undershirt and shirt, for a quick change into something clean and dry
21 - pants, same as above^

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    3 years ago

    thanks this was really helpful I’m new and got issued my kit last week

    And if u don’t mind what unit are u at


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Ahh, this is so useful! I'm in cadets and just got issued my webbing; and it's really not easy if you don't know what you're doing.