How to Build a Hotrod Truck in 3 Easy Steps




Introduction: How to Build a Hotrod Truck in 3 Easy Steps

About: I am the co-director, co-founder and lead instructor for the Customs for Urban Teens Program (CUT Program). Started in 2009 we take at risk youth and teach them how to build custom cars. I am a journeyman mach…

In this instructable I am going to introduce you to the CUT program. Follow along as we build a hotrod from start to finish. We had some celebrity help and many, many people who volunteer to bring this idea to life. The above picture is a photo shoot of the kids and intstructors cars and bikes.

Step 1: Pic a Vehicle

First thing to do is pic a vehicle. We chose a forgotten relic 1947-1949 chevrolet pick up. Your vehicle choice should be whatever moves and inspires you. It does not matter make, model, price. If you love it, its the right one

Step 2: Choose Suspension and Driveline

So now we get into the nitty gritty. Driveline and chassis.
There are many choices we could have gone with.
stock with disc brake conversion
Mustang II ifs
and our choice is a chevrolet S10 rolling chassis
the reason we chose this platform is simple. The truck has IFS, disc brakes, same the wheelbase as our truck and the aftermarket is huge for parts pieces for this platform.
So now the suspension. We want it to sit low. Reallly low. So airbags are what we need. This frame has a leaf spring from the factory. That will not do. We need a different suspension set up. Choices
truck arm
3 link with a panhard bar
triangulated 4 link
parallel 4 link
Now we could have purchased any of these to bolt jnto our frame. Not our style. We built our own polished stainless 3 link with custom fabricated panhard bar.
Now you need to pic an engine and transmission. There are many choices. Sky is the limit. We chose a small block chevrolet and a 2 speed powerglide transmission. Conversion kits are available for our chassis. They did not work with the body we made motor mounts and radiator support from scratch
Brakes are next
We wanted a clean firewall so the stock s10 was out. That could have been used with the stock pedal assembly but we did not like it. Under tbe floor it went. We used a universal under floor mount master cylinder and power booster.
So now you have a plan for suspension and driveline.

Step 3: The Look

Now pick the "look" you want. We went with a very classic custom look. Low and mean.
We started by chopping the roof 4"
The next step is to french in the headlights. This means to take out the stock buckets and "tunnel" the lights into the front fenders
Next we frenched in 1959 Cadillac taighlights.
Body and paint work are next on the list. We have not started that yet. I will post pics when we start the paint job.

Step 4: Conclusion

This is a quick overview of how to build a custom. There are many, many steps involved with building a vehicle this way. Please keep in mind this truck is all built by local youth. Most have never even touched a power tool before.
Here is the build sheet:
1947 chevrolet pick up, chopped 4"
1954 chevrolet pick up front sheet metal
frenched headlights and tailights
power windows
shaved door locks
1992 chevrolet S10 frame, frame boxed and shortened, full airride suspension including custom rear suspension components.
1978 Chevrolet Nova rear axle
1978 Chevrolet Nova 2 speed transmision
1982 small block chevrolet motor 350 cid ( 5.7 liter )
1967 Ford Falcon fuel cell
Corvette style master cylinder and power brake booster mounted under cab floor.
paint to wil be a surprise!
If you have any questions please ask!!
Now get out and build something!!! Be safe and enjoy the shop!!!!

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    Chevy hottruck
    Chevy hottruck

    6 years ago

    I am building a 40 chev 1/2 ton on ans10 frame with a70s 350 and a 350 tranny are you know ,hard to find but I got most of what I need. But just at the point of the front core support. Like to see how you guys are doin it,I am limited to garage stuff,but will probably self teach what I don't know. Welding mainly,hopefully learn something new. 4" body drop, stock s10 suspension. Shiny paint but maybe primer year one.this is my first hot rod,I've had plenty of other cars,but this I think is the beginning of something really cool.ive gone to street rod shows for ever, but I have to be part of it. I think this site will help me along. I will add images next post.


    Reply 6 years ago

    a 40 chev will be slightly different than what we are doin. we had to modify core support to 35° angle to clear the s10 steering box ( non power )


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I'm speechless mate! You're a master in a field where I've got no knowledge at all - car mechanics - and that's something I feel like a great gap to fill! Awesome cars, too bad we almost never see this kind of cars on our european roads. You're making me jealous! ;)


    Reply 8 years ago

    Cars are easy to work on. They only come apart and go back together one way......usually. I am self taught I just read alot of hotrod magazines. Thank you for the kind words. There are many talented people on the team to make this truck a reality!!