Introduction: How to Build a Knex Walker

here is what your going to make.

Step 1: The Legs

make six of these

Step 2: The Frame Part 1

make this

Step 3: The Frame Part 2

now make this

Step 4: Put the Frame Together

Step 5: Now Add the Motor

Step 6: Now Add Gears

put one grey spacer and two blue spacers on each side

Step 7: The Other Axles

do the same on all three axles

Step 8: The Leg Axles

now make six of these

Step 9: The Left Side

now add these spacers

Step 10: The Right Side

now add what you see  to the right side

Step 11: The Leg Axles Part 2

take step 1 and step 8 and make six of these

Step 12: Ading the Legs to the Right Side

add 1 leg to each axle and make shure that each one is clamped oposet of each other like in the pic 

Step 13: Adding Legs to the Left Side

do the same as in step 12 just clip them on the oposet of the right side

Step 14: More Gears

do this on each yellow conector

Step 15: Frame Part 3

make 2 of these

Step 16: Frame Part 4

atach what you made in step 15 to the frame

Step 17: Frame Part 5.and Finished!

add this to the front and your done!