Introduction: How to Build an MA5C Assault Rifle From Halo 3

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so you saw the pictures of the rifle, now here's how to make it.

Step 1: You Need:

a pen/sharpie
a half done pepakura assault rifle or a full scale reference picture cut out and ready to use
silver duct tape
black duct tape
dark grey duct tape
a cut out UNSC logo
a ton of cardboard
a printed out ammo screen for the assault rifle (which will be here)

Step 2: Step 1: Draw Out the Shape of the Assault Rifle.

draw out the assault rifle's shape onto the cardboard.
make sure one side of your assault rifle pep is done.
draw around that pep and get as many details as possible. AT LEAST GET THE VENT DETAILS!!!!

if you have enough time, try to do a couple of mags for it (which should be in the pep build)

draw out TWO of those outlines, make sure they are the same.

Step 3: Step 2: Start Piecing It Together.

now both sides are done, you can begin to put it all together, i'd recommend 2-3 inch wide strips for it all. make sure you do not cover the mag loading area or the vents.
tape it all together with whichever duct tape you want making sure you have enough to do the rest of the rifle after the reinforcing stage. also, make holes in the areas in which you will place the barrels in.

Step 4: Step 3: Reinforcing.

Reinforcement is VITAL when making a weapon prop.
pour your glue and water into one bowl and mix that around until you have a 70% glue consitency mixture.
now cut out strips of newspaper to whichever length you please, lay them in the mixture for a few seconds and then start laying it on the rifle, now it may cave in. what i did was fill the inside with mini coca cola bottles to keep the shape.

make sure you have more layers where the bottom black area and the top silver areas of the rifle are for a good sense of level on the rifle.
don't forget to papier mache the clips either!

Step 5: Step 4: Finishing Off

take your reference picture and begin taping where the colour is appropriate.
silver: barrel end to hilt.
dark grey: mid area around the vents
black: under areas and handle.
tape the mags black too.
the barrels can be black too.
just for a cool touch, add in a torch to the bottom barrel.
then tape on the ammo screen to the area it's in and a UNSC logo on the hilt.
detailing is also important, download and print the MA5C reference picture and follow the details.

Step 6: Step 5: Kill Covies!!!!

thanks for watching.

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