Introduction: How to Change a Diaper

Here's a quick guide to changing a diaper. What would seem at first to be a frighteningly hideous task turns out not to be that difficult at all.

Step 1: Locate a Baby

If you find a baby that is squirming around and making loud shrieking noises, you may want to check to see whats going on under neath all those cute fooffy baby clothes. Chances are, you may have a mess on your hands. You can't really tell by looking them in the face because they don't really make a big deal out of it usually.

Step 2: Don't Worry...just Take a Look

Although you never know what you may find inside a diaper, usually it's not that bad. Depending upon what type of outfit the baby may be wearing, you'll need to locate the "diaper area". Unzip, unfasten or unbutton all clothing until you get to something that looks like this. This puffy thing covering the junction between the torso and the legs is called the "Diaper area". This is the area that may need some attention.

Step 3: Remove the Offending Diaper

This step involves taking quick action in removing the soiled diaper. Once the shock and awe of this step is over, it becomes fairly apparent what needs to be done.....pretty much just do the best you can to pull the two sticky tabs located on the front of the diaper open and grab that thing, ball it up and fling it somewhere quick. Try to remember where you throw it because after the whole deal is over, you'll need to find a more appropriate place for it to go. maybe a trash can or a nearby high temperature hazardous waste incinerator.

Step 4: Grab Em by Their Feet

after you've removed the offending diaper, you'll need to get a good grip on the little neonate so you can clean up any unusual substances that may still be clinging to the "diaper area".

Step 5: Baby Wypes....

Apparently, babys need wiping down a whole lot so you may as well go out and buy a nice package of pre-moistened towells. Although you could just use old tee shirts, raggs, leaves or moss, its a good idea to take advantage of all the fresh smelling baby products that are available at many stores....... Surprisingly enough, until you happen to have a baby, you may not have even been aware of their existence.

Step 6: Wipe Em Down

here's where you just have to do the best you can. Just clean up anything that you think shouldn't be on a baby. If you notice any redness, you may want to go easy on that area. You still need to somehow get that area clean but you may be dealing with something called "diaper rash". Don't panic, all you need to do is find some diaper rash cream and put a little on that area.

Step 7: Powder

At this point, you may want to snake a little baby powder on the "diaper area". I don't think you can use too much so just shake it until the "diaper area" turns white.

Step 8: Great....

if the baby is a boy, something like this may happen. In this case, you'll need to go back to step 4.

Step 9: Lay Out Your Diaper

find a diaper and lay it out like this:

Step 10: Install the Diaper

scoot the baby around and try to cover the "diaper area" with the diaper.

Step 11: Fasten the Diaper Sides

open the taps on each side of the diaper and just press them over the front portion of the diaper. They should stick.

Step 12: Secure the Sides

I usually go left to right but you may want to go right to left every once in a while just to break up the monotony and keep them guessing.

Step 13: The Finishing Touch

Now you can fold down the front part of the diaper so that it will give them a little more wiggle room. Babies like to wiggle so what ever you can do to make it easier on them will help.

Step 14: Install Clothes

you're mostly done but just to make them fit into western society, you'll need to install some sort of clothing. I find these things called "onesies" to be very stylish. Just bundle them up and try your best to work them over the baby's head.

Step 15: Snap Em Up...

The "onesies" normally have snaps or buttons along the "lower diaper area" and because of all the wiggling that they do, you'll need to secure these so it will not work it's way over the babys' head again.

Step 16: Almost Done...

if things work out, they should start looking something like this:

Step 17: Add Some Pants

Since modern fashion trends do not encourage wearing pants with built in shoes, take advantage of societies willingness to overlook this.

Step 18: Done

now you can pick them up and give them to their mother knowing that you've done just about all you can do.